Moylan Sponsors Legislation to Create Government Transparency Task Force

DES PLAINES, IL – State Rep. Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) is sponsoring legislation to form a task force responsible for making Illinois’ budget significantly more transparent to the public.

"The taxpayers of this state deserve to know where and how their hard earned dollars are being spent," Moylan said. "Citizens aren't able to see what's happening with taxpayers' dollars, and this legislation attempts to provide clarity and awareness of the budgeting process."

Currently, Illinois is facing major fiscal and budget issues. Senate Bill 2106 addresses these concerns by creating a task force responsible for making them known to the public. The Government Transparency Task Force will be created to develop a plan to make the budgeting process the most transparent, publicly accessible budgeting process in the nation. The task force will be made of 16 members, consisting of members from both chambers, the Department of Revenue as well as representatives from the Treasurer, Comptroller and Governor's offices.

Since taking office, Moylan has prioritized fiscal responsibility and curbing wasteful government spending. He introduced legislation to create the Illinois Enterprise Commission to examine current statute that may be burdensome on companies and prevent Illinois from assisting in the creation of jobs and economic development.

"Illinois is facing real financial problems," Moylan said. "We need to act now as legislators to mitigate further debt and attain greater fiscal control. I believe creating a task force that makes our budgeting process transparent will get us closer to our goals and restore Illinois' fiscal house."