Moylan-Supported Legislation to Eliminate Medicaid Fraud Signed into Law


…from State Representative Marty Moylan


August 28, 2013 State Rep. Marty Moylan

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Moylan-Supported Legislation to Eliminate Medicaid Fraud Signed

into Law

DES PLAINES, Ill – In an effort to save taxpayer dollars, legislation co-sponsored by State Rep. Marty Moylan’s (D-Des Plaines) to crack down on Medicaid fraud is now law.

“This law is designed to both protect the people who depend on this program, while giving the state access to additional tools to crack down on fraud and abuse in the Medicaid system,” Moylan said. “By cutting down on fraud and waste, Illinois can use its Medicaid dollars more efficiently and lower costs in the process.”

Under current law, only the person who knowingly obtains unauthorized public medical benefits can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount of benefits involved. House Bill 71 now adds that any person, vendor, organization, agency or other entity that knowingly helps someone else obtain unauthorized public medical benefits can be criminally charged as well.

According to the Department of Health of Human Services, there were 824 Medicaid fraud related convictions reported in FY 2011, and 406 were related to patient abuse and neglect. While states were able to recover $1.7 billion through litigation, authorities have been unable to go after those facilitating this type of fraud given current law.

“Since taking office, I have made deficit reduction a top priority, and this law is a step in the right direction,” Moylan said. “By working together, we can make sure this valuable program is reaching those who need it most and help limit abuse in the future. This will not only help the state save money, but is the right thing to do.”

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