Moylan Seeking Nominations for “Good Neighbor Business Award"

“One of Illinois’ greatest assets will always be the people who live and work in local communities to create safe and prosperous neighbourhoods,” Moylan said. “The local businesses that encourage charitable events or donate goods and services to the community deserve recognition for their efforts.”

Recently, Moylan announced his “Made in Illinois” campaign in an effort to create more jobs within the state and encourage residents to buy from local small businesses. Nominations for the “Good Neighbour Business” are welcome from business owners, community organisations or residents. The local business must exhibit care for the community and serve as a good neighbour to those around them. The winning business will be presented a certificate by Moylan.

“As we work to create jobs in Illinois, we need to recognise the local and small businesses that are doing the right thing and getting involved in the community around them,” Moylan said. “Small businesses provide much-needed jobs to the area, and are the backbone for many middle and working class families.”

For more information, or to request a nomination form or business tour from Rep. Moylan, please contact his full-time constituent service office at 847-635-6821 or email