Moylan Introduces Bill to End Pensions for Politicians

“Serving in the General Assembly should be about public service, not getting taxpayer funded perks,” said Moylan. “This bill will put an end to the old status quo by ending this perk and putting taxpayers first.”

Moylan’s House Bill 276 would put an end to new participants in the General Assembly Retirement System. The system has been used by career politicians for decades as a means to collect major retirement benefits for life after they leave office. Advocates for the bill state that as many social service agencies suffer under the state’s massive bill back-log and 20 months without a full budget, sweetheart political perks should be the streamlined to save money for the state.

“This measure will not solve the state’s budget deficit,” said Moylan. “But it’s important to show that no step is too small to take and we need to show that we cannot continue with the old status quo of putting the politicians above the public.”

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