Moylan Receives Perfect Rating From Illinois Environmental Council

“Everyone deserves the right to live and raise a family in a community that is safe from environmental dangers,” Moylan said. “Legislation that promotes clean energy, protects water supplies and eliminates waste improves the health of our communities and the economy of our state.”

The ratings were based on how members of the General Assembly voted on eight major legislative measures. This included House Bill 2607, the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, which would increase energy efficiency, increase use of renewable energy and pursue market-based strategies to reduce carbon pollution and create jobs. That bill was not called for a vote in the House, but members received credit for co-sponsoring the measure. Also included on the scorecard were bills to increase electronic recycling, enhance conservation efforts and provide stronger protections for water supplies.

The Illinois Environmental Council serves as a watchdog for the environmental community in Springfield. Founded in 1975, the Illinois Environmental Council represents 60 environmental and community organizations in Springfield. Of the 177 members of the General Assembly, a total of 64 received a perfect rating.

“Illinois is home to some of the most valuable natural resources in the country, and we must remain committed to their protection and sustainability,” said Moylan. “Further investments in green technologies, coupled with stronger environmental protection laws will preserve Illinois’ environment for generations to come.”

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