Moylan-Supported Legislation Expanding Rights of Crime Victims

A bill supported by state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, to expand and protect the rights of crime victims was recently signed into law.

“Victims of crime often feel the effects of what happened to them many years after the incident,” said Moylan. “It’s important that judges understand the impact crime has on its victims, and there is no better way to ensure that than to hear directly from the people most personally affected.”

Last November, Illinois voters overwhelmingly approved a new amendment to the Illinois Constitution. The Crime Victims’ Rights Amendment ensures that victims of crime receive necessary information about court proceedings, have the right to communicate with prosecuting attorneys, the right to testify at a sentencing hearing, and other protections. House Bill 1121 reconciles the existing Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act with these new and expanded rights.

The new law will provide prosecutors and judges with a checklist of the new rights for crime victims. This will provide a guide for those in the legal system to ensure the rights of crime victims are being protected in accordance with the new amendment.

This bill is the latest in a series of measures by Moylan to increase the rights of crime victims. In 2013, Moylan sponsored legislation providing crime victims with the right to make a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing. Additionally, the law allowed the victim's spouse, parents, and other immediate family members to present an impact statement at sentencing.

“Ideally, we want to pass laws and implement programs that reduce crime,” said Moylan. “However, when crime does happen, it is absolutely vital that we provide victims with the rights, services and support they deserve.”

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