Moylan Votes to Protect Essential Services

In an effort to stand up for the struggling and middle-class families of his district, state Rep. Marty Moylan voted for a temporary budget on Thursday to provide funding for essential health and safety services for 30 days.

“This essential services budget will ensure that the most critical services offered by the state can continue to be provided,” said Moylan. “The people who rely on state services need the assurance that their services will be provided, and this short-term and balanced budget ensures that.”

The funds approved on Thursday would be directed to core services provided by the state, including veterans’ homes, in-home services for senior citizens, child care subsidies for working parents, and foster care services. This level of funding will allow the state to provide these services, among others, for the month of July.

“The governor needs to quit playing political games with the livelihoods of middle class and struggling families. The governor made it clear during his campaign that he wanted a shutdown and now that he has it he’s endangering some of our most vulnerable residents,” said Moylan. “The budget I voted for funds important programs and prevents possible harm to many residents in Illinois. I urge the governor to join me in standing up for middle-class families and end his political games.”