Moylan Backs Medicaid Reform Legislation

In an effort to reduce the state’s budget deficit without sacrificing the quality of service provided to local residents and communities, state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, helped pass legislation on Thursday to save the state approximately $400 million next fiscal year by reforming the Medicaid system.

“The residents of my district have spoken loud and clear, they want the state to cut spending without harming hard working, middle class families,” said Moylan. “The measure we passed will save the state almost a half billion dollars while still ensuring excellent care for some of our most vulnerable residents.”

Moylan supported Senate Bill 788, which is estimated to save the state money through a combination of cuts and increased federal dollars. Illinois stands to gain an additional $200 million in federal money under this bill due to an increase in service to Medicaid patients. Through a combination of reductions in reimbursement rates and increased assessments from the Illinois Hospital Association, the state is expected to save over $150 million. Moylan also advocated for a component of the bill that will save taxpayer dollars by eliminating fraud and abuse in the Medicaid system.

This legislation brings meaningful savings to the state without the drastic cuts proposed by Gov. Bruce Rauner, R-Winnetka. The cuts proposed by the governor could have resulted in significantly fewer medical care services for the elderly, the disabled, and struggling families. His proposed cuts would have resulted in inferior medical care for many families and also the potential loss of thousands of jobs.

“Legislators supporting Senate Bill 788 enable hospitals to continue providing high quality health care services in communities across the state,” said Illinois Hospital Association President & CEO Maryjane Wurth. “We appreciate their recognition that steps can be taken to control spending without sacrificing needed patient care.”

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