Moylan receives new SMART meter from Commonwealth Edison

With questions surfacing from residents regarding Commonwealth Edison’s installation of smart meters, state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, met with representatives of the utility company last week to discuss the new technology and gain a better understanding of the program.

“As I go door-to-door throughout the community, sometimes I hear questions over smart meters and how they will affect a homeowner’s utility bill and electrical consumption,” Moylan said. “This new technology is spreading through all parts of the district and it’s important that the residents know what to expect during these installations.”

Commonwealth Edison is currently installing smart meters in Des Plaines. Elk Grove Village had most of its smart meters installed last year, and Park Ridge residents can expect smart meters to make their way into their community this fall. To help residents obtain more information, Moylan is partnering with Commonwealth Edison to host a town hall meeting at the Park Ridge Public Library on September 10. More details on that event will be forthcoming.

Proponents of smart meters claim they provide residents access to more information about their energy use through online energy-management tools, which can help customers manage their electric bills. They also argue that the meters allow for faster power outage detection, resulting in residents going without power for shorter periods of time.

“It’s important that the residents of my district know where to turn should they have questions about this new technology,” said Moylan. “My legislative office is always available to field these questions, but it’s also important that we make the utility companies available directly to the residents through events like the town hall meeting.”

For more information, or to find out when a specific property will have a smart meter installed, please contact Moylan’s full-time constituent service office at 847-635-6821 or