Right-wing special interest group trying to deceive local residents

State Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, is warning area residents about deceptive mail sent by a right-wing, outside special interest group that asks residents to call Moylan using a false phone number, possibly to track the calls or callers’ identities.

“My priority remains working for local middle-class families, working to freeze property taxes and fighting against reckless budgets that would result in damaging cuts to critical services that children and the elderly rely on,” Moylan said. “I encourage anyone who has questions about my record to contact me directly. I’m happy to have an open and honest discussion about my priorities.”

A recent misleading mail piece paid for by a right-wing, outside group, which has ties to multi-millionaire politicians and special interests and has a record of supporting cuts to elementary and secondary education funding, tells residents to contact Moylan by using a phone number that is not associated with Moylan’s office. Moylan believes the groups could be using this phone number to track the phone numbers and identities of callers.

“Hearing directly from constituents is the most effective way to gauge what issues are most important to the residents of my district, and this feedback guides my actions,” Moylan said. “It’s disturbing that an outside group, being funded by politically-connected multi-millionaires, may be intentionally deceiving residents on how to properly contact me, possibly for the purposes of tracking their calls and identities. It’s important that residents understand the proper way of contacting my office and know that I am here for them.”

Moylan continues to fight for major reforms to help local middle-class families. He has voted multiple times to freeze property taxes for local homeowners. Despite his efforts, House Republicans have failed to join Moylan in his attempts at reform by voting nearly unanimously against this legislation.

Residents who have any questions or would like to speak with Moylan about a state issue are encouraged to contact his constituent service office at 847-635-6821. Moylan also regularly visits neighborhoods and speaks with local residents at their homes, and hosts public meetings throughout the community.