Moylan Votes to Avert Government Shutdown

In an effort to avert a government shutdown and stand up for the struggling and middle-class families of his district, state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines, voted for a temporary budget on Wednesday to provide funding for essential health and safety services.

“The governor is playing games with the lives of people in my district, and he has demonstrated that he would rather shut state government down than work together to protect critical funding for essential services,” said Moylan. “Politics must be put aside so we can continue to provide essential life and health services for seniors, children, and our most vulnerable residents.”

Moylan voted for a one-month budget that would fund the state at a level of $2.25 billion. These funds would be directed to core services provided by the state, including veterans’ homes, in-home services for senior citizens, child care subsidies for working parents, and foster care services. This level of funding will allow the state to provide these services, among others, for the month of July.

Faced with a government shutdown, several area agencies risk closure or suspension of services to the residents they serve. Local examples include Elk Grove Township Daycare, where many working parents rely on state subsidized payments to pay for their children’s care, and The Harbour, a Park Ridge based nonprofit organization providing emergency shelter, transitional living, and counseling to homeless and runaway youth.

“The governor would rather make a political statement than do what is right for the residents of our communities and Illinois,” said Moylan. “I will continue to stand up for those who rely on these essential services and fight to protect funding for those who need it most. The budget I voted for today is an attempt to make sure vital services do not fall victim to the governor’s extreme and dangerous cuts to programs for children, seniors and our veterans.”