Moylan-Supported Legislation to Help Female, Minority-owned Businesses Signed into Law

DES PLAINES, Ill. – Legislation supported by state Rep. Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) that allows Illinois to certify businesses owned by a minority woman as both “minority-owned” and female-owned” is now law.

“It’s important to allow businesses to register under multiple categories, as it will create more competition and save the state money,” Moylan said. “Saving money through smart and fair economic decisions is certainly something we need to focus on as elected officials.”

Senate Bill 2320 works to let businesses with minority female owners to be certified by Illinois under two categories: “minority-owned” and “female-owned.” Currently, a minority woman who owns a business must choose between having her business certified as only one of the two categories. The State has set certain goals of giving contracts to businesses owned by females, minorities, and persons with a disability. To help track these goals, businesses have themselves certified by Central Management Services as belonging to one of these groups. When businesses bid on a contract, Illinois knows that awarding them the contract will help the state work toward its goals. Therefore, increasing the number of businesses in these pools will likely get Illinois better prices on contracts, thus, saving the state and taxpayers money.

Since taking office, Moylan has made it a priority to remain fiscally responsible. He has pushed for legislation, such as House Bill 1441, which freezes lawmaker’s salaries and reimbursements, requiring them to take twelve unpaid furlough days in the next year.

“In a time when the state is facing serious financial issues, we need to continue to focus on developing a cost-efficient and fiscally responsible government,” Moylan said. “This legislation not only promotes economic stimulation but it strengthens the business climate for female and minority owned businesses.”

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