Moylan Bill to Crack Down on Hazing Sent to Governor’s Desk

DES PLAINES, IL – State Rep. Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) passed legislation out of the Illinois House of Representatives Friday that charges school officials with failure to report when they witness the act of hazing and do not notify proper authorities.

“It’s hard to believe we have to deal with crimes as avoidable as hazing in our schools,” Moylan said. “This legislation creates a new crime – failure to report hazing – and it will attempt to hold school officials accountable and work to protect children from any future instances of hazing.”

Currently, the definition of those guilty of hazing is restricted to the individuals who performed the act. House Bill 1443 creates a new crime called – failure to report hazing – which specifically addresses anyone employed by a school, college, university, or any educational institution of Illinois who does not report hazing when he or she has knowledge of it happening.

Since taking office, Moylan has worked hard to combat crime. He has introduced legislation, such as House Bill 3195, which cracks down on sex offenders who attack children by extending the minimum sentence for a first time offense from six years to 20 years.

“Protecting our children both at home and in our schools is a top priority for me, and I will take every practical measure to ensure they remain safe,” Moylan said. “I want to thank my colleagues in the House and Senate for supporting this proposal and I urge the governor to sign this important piece of legislation into law quickly.”

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