Moylan Recaps First Legislative Session

DES PLAINES, IL – State Rep. Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) finished a busy legislative session Friday that included pushing for fiscal reforms, cutting pay for legislators and passing landmark legislation to combat hazing in schools.

“While this was a busy and productive legislative session, our mission to improve Illinois is still on-going,” Moylan said. “We made real progress on the most pressing issues facing the state, but the work doesn’t stop here. I will continue to fight for more property tax relief for homeowners, fiscally sound budgets and the elimination of wasteful government spending.”

At a time when residents are doing more with less, Moylan sponsored legislation that cut lawmakers’ salaries. House Bill 1441 freezes salaries and reimbursements for all General Assembly members, requiring them to take 12 unpaid furlough days in the next fiscal year. The bill also rejects cost of living adjustments for legislators and other elected officials, as well as freezing their per diem and reimbursement rates. While this legislation may not solve Illinois’ budget problems, Moylan felt it was important legislators led by example and cut their own paychecks first.

“Taxpayers around the state are tightening their fiscal belts, and legislators must do their part to help cut costs,” Moylan said. “If we are serious about restoring Illinois’ fiscal house, then we should make every effort to rein in spending, and that begins with cutting pay for elected officials. Every opportunity to save taxpayer dollars should be taken, which is why I opted out of my legislative pension.”

In response to a horrific hazing incident at a local school in his district, Moylan passed landmark legislation cracking down on school officials who fail to report hazing. House Bill 1443 creates a new crime – failure to report hazing – for school officials who witness a hazing incident on school grounds but fail to notify the proper authorities. Moylan hopes that this legislation will help prevent future instances of hazing and hold school officials accountable.

“Protecting our children is a top priority for me, and we must hold those accountable who fail to ensure their safety,” Moylan said. “This is why I made it a priority this session to push legislation that will reduce violent crimes and make our communities safer. Many of these crimes, like hazing, are avoidable through common-sense legislation and proper enforcement.”

In an effort to combat skyrocketing property taxes, Moylan sponsored legislation this session that increases property tax exemptions for all homeowners in Cook County and


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all seniors in Illinois. Senate Bill 1894, recently signed into law by the governor, increases the maximum deduction under the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption starting in 2013. The maximum deduction for the General Homestead Exemption in Cook County was also increased from $6,000 to $7,000.

“Homeowners have been hit hard by rising property taxes and we need to provide relief so they can keep a roof over their head and put food on the table,” Moylan said. “Taxpayers and families are struggling to make ends meet and they cannot continue to foot the bill for the government’s excessive spending.”

Moylan now returns to the district where he will continue to work with local organizations, businesses, and constituents to hear and address their concerns on state issues. Moylan has several community events planned this summer for area residents, including two upcoming town hall meetings at the Park Ridge City Hall on June 18th and Elk Grove Village Hall on July 22nd. He will also be hosting coffee and conversation sessions at Park Ridge’s Pickwick Restaurant on June 15th and Des Plaines’ Sugar Bowl on July 20th. To stay connected with his constituents during the summer and fall recess, Moylan will be walking door-to-door to speak with residents about the spring legislative session and exchange ideas about improving Illinois.

“I am eager to get back to the district so I can start listening to the constituents about the issues that matter to them most,” Moylan said. “Whether it’s going door-to-door or holding town hall meetings, directly hearing from the residents helps me better represent their views and opinions in Springfield.”

For more information and details on upcoming events, please contact Moylan’s full-time constituent service office at (847) 635-6821 or by e-mail at and